69° 43’N

VIDEO stream – 2011

We were looking for places where global warming is considered as an opportunity of development. Kirkenes, north of Norway, Russian border is a strategic point on the Barents sea. With the melt of the ice cap there is new opportunity for commercial shipping to Asia. In the years to come Kirkenes could become a commercial hub in this region.
We set a permanent webcam on a TV antenna pointing the city and and the harbor to document the urban, architectural and industrial development of the city.


During our stay we wrote a series of 11 texts inspired by the economic and geostrategic issues in the Barents Region copied on the pattern of Facebook event. At the same time Deep Water Horizon was dumping tons of crude in the Pacific ocean. At the end these writings became 11 audio stories talking about money, oil and global warming.


“Series of audio tales whose tragic beauty with science fiction scenarios trickles away like a string of Facebook events in a sonic composition against a backdrop of an abyssal groundwater, enigmatic culminations of jingles and samples where the engine of an icebreaker collide with the hysterical laughter of gulls, a few seconds of a radiophonic hit single, the sonar of a whale, sounds of helicopters, the synthetic Victoria… And the beautiful stoic voice of Motto, unravelling the absurd.” Orevo