• The First Garden

    The First Garden is a lifelong project involving the gathering of biological samples. Started in 2015 in the Forest of Solitude in Germany where we first collected fern leaves, our collection soon...

  • Come Hell
    or High Water

    A seed bank in Svalbard, a poem at the bottom of a bunker, an experience in virtual reality that isn’t a video game, a village buried in sand, excavated memories, fragments of the past, a house set according to the tide, ashes burned in vinyl, a scent of cryogenics, ...

  • Global Seed Vault

    This experience in virtual reality propose to imagine the Arctic as a gigantic back-up, a huge protective reserve, for a biocentric humankind living in environments that are climate-controlled and designed on demand...

  • The Diluted Hours

    BOOK // Publication of the poem The Diluted Hours in its original version in english and its translation in French and Inupiaq. Introduction text by Douglas Barrett.

  • The diluted hours

    This project brings together multiple media (performance, poetry, photography, recorded sound, and video) to encode a unique biomaterial trace— an “archeological anomaly” —as both geological and musical record...

  • N66°50.629' - W162°34.798'

    The centerpiece of The Diluted Hours is a vinyl record with nearly 30 minutes of original music and spoken poetry, and which is pressed with the ashes of a batch of logs we shipped to Kotzebue, Alaska, and then burned...

  • MEB

    Kotzebue batch, 2015. N66°50.629′ – W162°34.798′ Wood charcoal macro remains under microscope with magnifications between 200 and 3000...

  • Artefacts

    Archaeology / Geology / Climate Change, Collection of the artists, mix media – 1993-2016

  • Manufacturing
    the Future

    It begins with a beech tree Daniaux and Pigot bought for 10 euros in the woods near Stuttgart, Germany’s Schloss Solitude. They then cut the tree into logs and packed them into crates. Next, after months of failure, they finally managed...

  • Trace on Planet Earth


  • Clock


  • Foreign Skies

    Beech wood and xylophagous fungi on paper. Photographs, 27 x 40 cm, 2016.

  • UV

    A completely hallucinated poetry borrowing from the thriller and science fiction. Caustic humor, apocalyptic visions and delirious telescopages describe a world where all the excessiveness of ours seems to have been aggregated into figures previously...

  • Svalbard Global
    Seed Vault

    We have bought the name domain: and based on the blue print given by the creator of the facility, Cary Fowler, we offer to the internet users a visit of the Vault in 3D in the...

  • The Beep of the Soul

    Poem hidden at the bottom of the online Seed Vault. The Beep of the Sould is the recorded voice of the last human on planet Earth, describing the world around him in a kind of ecstasy.

  • Lo Moth

    Since it was founded Lo Moth has adopted precise strategies to identify instruments that guaranty solutions aimed at safeguarding dreams. It takes courage to take a step into the unknown, to embrace uncertainty, to ...

  • Devenir Graine

    Entitled « Devenir Graine », the artistic project of Magali Daniaux & Cédric Pigot offers an unusual take on the issues surrounding energy and food management.

  • Return to Sender

    Mail Art, 2007-2016

  • Global Seed Trust

    Online work - 2012-2013
    SKYPE INTERVIEWS: Cary Fowler, Executive director of the GlobalCrop Diversity Trust. Professor Rolland Von Bothmer, Public relation at NordGen. Eirik Newth, writer, blogger and astrophysicist. William Engdahl, Author of the book Seed of Destruction.

  • Haï

    Poetic Scalpel : The world goes too fast. The Aesthetics of Disappearance. Speed and Politics. Over the past 20 years, Paul Virilio’s titles have tirelessly enumerated the staggering acceleration of the human world at the pace of expanding technologies...

  • Seed

    Cocktail of Aldehydes which bring strong ionized notes, menthol for freezy notes and norlimbanol to give to the scent a technological aspect. In May 2012 we flew to Svalbard, an archipelago which constitutes the northern part of Norway, to take a look at the Svalbard Global Seed Vault...

  • 78° 55’N

    We have set a webcam on the International Research Station in Ny Ålesund in Svalbard. Polar institutes around the world have a base over there: Korea, China, Italy, Germany, India, France, Norway, Japan ...

  • Devenir Graine

    ``Devenir graine`` (in english: Becoming Seed), is silent protest, an action shot in May 2012 in front of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. We are both huddled, trying our best to become seed, searching eternity near this ark...

  • Biofeedback

    Biogenetics, cryogenic preservation, patenting life, global agribusiness, trafficking, sex and armed factions clash in this deconstructed Sci-Fi crime story with post-apocalyptic overtones.

  • No Pyramid

    Video, 12 min

  • Lightshoot

    Video, 12 min

  • Positveland

    Video, 12 min

  • Hollywood

    Video, 12 min

  • Radio Pyranas

    Video, 12 min

  • Diamanten

    Video, 12 min

  • Arctic Tactic

    Radio Documentary : Kirkenes, Norvège, festival ``Barents Spektakel``, février 2011, - 25°. La reine, des ministres, des ambassadeurs, des politiciens, un diplomate, des architectes, des artistes, des journalistes, des chercheurs s'y rendent, prennent la parole...

  • 69° 43’N

    Video stream : We were looking for places where global warming is considered as an opportunity of development. Kirkenes, north of Norway, Russian border is a strategic point on the Barents sea...

  • Distance K

    To substitute for love the letter of love?. To deterritorialize love. To substitute for the feared conjugal contract a pact with the devil. The letters are inseparable from such a pact; they are this pact itself… There is a vampirism in the letters...