XX0019 und Motto

Marblehead YuYudia – sonic experience : 42 min

Marblehead YuYudia is an audio experience: breathing exercises, visualisation and actions to perform.
Duration time: around 45 minutes
Find a nice place outside if possible, a forest, a park…. a place with trees. Do it with friends…
Play the audio track

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The Diluted Hours​ – performance sound video and poetry : 30 min

“With The Diluted Hours we are plunged into the seismic heart/body of the intentionally of the artists: the symbolico-aesthetic mutation of a fantastic science-fiction that is the demiurge of the shipwreck of our time.

Prophetic announcement of the catastrophe that far from morbidity radiates the specter of an imagination of our future struggles. But, where there is danger grows also what saves. The dissection of our sorrows becomes the mirror of a new body which we must be the insolent architects” Philippe Boisnard

Live @Terminal B, Kirkenes, North Norway/Russian border, 2017

XX0019 Black Mamba live @ Festival Modulation – 2 août 2020 – Hautes-Alpes

“As part of the electronic scene XX0019 und Motto is the code name under which Magali Daniaux & Cédric Pigot operate. Their live show (video + sound + poetry) radiates an already used industrial violence and boosts survival instinct, sound particles are being extracted from the deepest persistent, just like toxic bubbles escaped from the tanks we thought for ever sealed.” Orevo

Since the beginning of the 90’s, CEDRIC PIGOT has been creating under various pseudonyms electro music with an immersive power and noisy escapes, with a radicalism exacerbated by the idea of speed.
He works on a very own interpretation of ambiance, flirting with bruitist aesthetics, thus giving birth to incredible sonic landscapes.

Hello Humans – performance sound video and poetry : 30 min

From the citadel jungle, the one who is not human prepares the insurrection carried by a Sprechgesang (spoken-singing) exalted and sustained by the sound pigments of a bewitching deep electro. A dismembered poetic and sonorous epic that seeks to become one with the public.

El Mirador, short extract of the performance Hello Humans, 2020

XX0019 und Motto – Mix Club

“XX0019 & MOTTO ont embrasé La Station – Gare des Mines ce matin jusqu’à 2h30 … Alors que Magali Daniaux aka Motto fit monter l’insurrection dansée par un Sprechgesang, SF inspiré de plus de 45 minutes, Cédric Pigot aux manettes mit la pression sur les tubes pour en faire jaillir des pigments sonores infusés depuis les scènes expés des années 90 dans une composition aussi noisy, que rythmée, pensée spatiale, tribale, hiératique, exaltée et puissante, 19 miracles and many journeys in the Arctic jungles en background… dimanche 3 juin au matin la messe fut trans et l’orgasme sonore.” Orevo

MixClub @La Station, Paris, June 2018


Programme radio ouvert de déconfinement, ANTIVIRUS se propage dans les câbles électriques
pour transformer ce moment contre le virus en lutte collective translocale.
Tous les dimanches soir XX0019 et Motto s’emparent des ondes : /////// p-node.org

XX0019 und Motto, MixClub, Waggons, Stuttgart 2015.

19 Miracles, live vision sonic, Cinéma le Balzac, Champs Magnétiques, Supernova, 2014.

Live @Église Saint Merri Paris, Supernova, 2014.

Live @Galerie Laurent Mueller, Paris 2014.