XX0019 und Motto

“As part of the electronic scene XX0019 und Motto is the code name under which Magali Daniaux & Cédric Pigot operate. Their live show (video + sound + poetry) radiates an already used industrial violence and boosts survival instinct, sound particles are being extracted from the deepest persistent, just like toxic bubbles escaped from the tanks we thought for ever sealed.” Orevo

Since the beginning of the 90’s, CEDRIC PIGOT has been creating under various pseudonyms electro music with an immersive power and noisy escapes, with a radicalism exacerbated by the idea of speed.
He works on a very own interpretation of ambiance, flirting with bruitist aesthetics, thus giving birth to incredible sonic landscapes.

Live @Terminal B, Kirkenes, North Norway/Russian border

Access & Restrictions, sound piece commissioned by Accoustic Cameras 2017.

AMN, live vision sonic, Waggons, Stuttgart 2015.

19 Miracles, live vision sonic, Cinéma le Balzac, Champs Magnétiques, Supernova, 2014.

Live @Église Saint Merri Paris, Supernova, 2014.

Live @Galerie Laurent Mueller, Paris 2014.