78° 55’ N

VIDEO stream – 2012
and a collection of videos

We have set a webcam on the International Research Station in Ny Ålesund in Svalbard. Polar institutes around the world have a base over there: Korea, China, Italy, Germany, India, France, Norway, Japan … You won’t be able to get there unless you’re invited. The camera is HD, wide angle and withstands temperatures up to -50 °.


We often open a real time window during our exhibitions.
Lately, we showed a selection of our collection of videos triggered by the motion detector of the camera. Since the cameras is in place we have a collections of almost thousand of this kind of videos. The flight of a bird, the gusts of snow raised by the wind, the human presence that can be felt with the rays of light from the vehicles of the station.


The IP address that lead to this video stream is secret because this one is for sale. We had this idea when we were proposed to participate with a piece to FIAC, the art fair in Paris. We found that to sell an IP address was somehow very prospective like to sell some dematerialized real estate.