Radio sound piece – 56 MIN – 2012

Atelier de Création Radiophonique, France Culture.


Biogenetics, cryogenic preservation, patenting life, global agribusiness, trafficking, sex and armed factions clash in this deconstructed Sci-Fi crime story with post-apocalyptic overtones.


“A 56′ post apocalyptic trip, an epic fantasy whose hero, Hermann Lion, a literary reporter or spy involved in all planetary traffics from Tibet to Corsica, meets a surreal array of mutant creatures (Big Ape, Divine Vessel, Miss Blake, Lizard Men…) against the backdrop a radioactive disarray and selflessness; which are inevitable consequences of political coercion, short-term views and the globalized agribusiness. In the depths of the fjord, maritime terrors, wrinkled gods and the gold from past eons, orderly lay in the mud waiting for a lunatic to find them. Sound particles are being extracted from the deepest persistent wave, just like toxic bubbles escaped from the tanks with thought forever sealed. The sense of humor is black, bitter, the pace merciless, led by a cut-up writing where only a few melancholic tracks, as observation of the desolation, enable our heroes and their avatars to take a breath, while the disk where the remains of our humanity are being sampled have started to burn : The copy! ”

Orevo, MCD magazine, mars 2013