Mix media – 2009-2012

Phii is a sound and olfactory installation freely inspired by the cult of spirits, an animist tradition that is very widespread in Southeast Asia.
Our Phii house is re-coded, intended to travel around the world and to be enriched as it stops. Its structure is made of composite steel and wood. Currently it is equipped with a scale and smell that is declined according to a chromatic range: pink, purple, green, brown. On top, a mixture of Litchi and Blackcurrant, on the heart, a mixture of Green Olive and Basil, all on a woody smoky background of Guaiac. On the terrace a miniature reproduction of Josef Beuys’ “chair”. The Phii sound sometimes makes the membranes of the speakers on the terrace vibrate very loudly like offering bowls.
Since her time in Moscow, she has carried on her back a stiker designed by Erik Boulatov with these words in Russian: smell, sound, color.
During the Dreamtime exhibition in the prehistoric cave of Mas d’Azil we added two plasma screens.